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Welcome rurukami

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Hello rurukami,

Welcome to Nullmaster.net.

Nullmaster Forum Rules

The following rules are strictly enforced, and if there not followed you will be banned from this website.

  1. This is an English only forum, only post and reply in English.
  2. If your post or reply is in another language, it will be removed.
  3. Do not message any staff member for updates for files posted. If we have the updated file, It will be posted and you get a notification of this.

New Members

  1. All new sign ups, must be approved by an Admin.
  2. Some members will not get approved.
  3. Known scammers, Assholes and general known leechers will NOT get approved.
  4. As a new member, you can only download 5 files from the website. This includes IPS and XenForo. This does not included the Donation Sections.
  5. All new members can upload and are welcome to do so. We want you to get involved in the website. Share files and make friends.
  6. We are well aware there are a lot of people that just leech stuff to share on other websites., sharing of OUR premium resources is not allowed what so ever.
  7. When your caught sharing OUR premium resources, you will be removed from this website and will NEVER be allowed access again.

Donating Members

  1. Donating members will be moved to a special group, that will allow you to download our premium content. Once your donation payment has been completed.
  2. Donating members will have access to both IPS and XF Donating Members Area.
  3. How much does this cost? You must make a donation of $30.00 or more to get in this user group.
  4. Once you have made your payment, you will automatically be moved in to the Donating Members Group.
  5. After 30 days, you will be returned to the normal user group.
  6. If you wish to donate again, then you with either stay in this group for another 30 days or be moved back in the members group.
  7. If you do not donate before your time runs out in 30 days, you will be returned to the normal user group, which will not have access to premium content.
  8. However you can re-donate again, at any time to be upgraded again.
  9. Private donations are welcome to, which you can use other ways to pay for your donation.

Trading of Premium Resources

  1. Trading of Premium Resources is allowed.
  2. The trade must be a fair value trade.
  3. You must contact Nullmaster, if your interested in doing any trades what so ever.

Trading of Premium Memberships

  1. Trading of Premium Memberships is welcome.
  2. How does this work? So if you want Donating Membership on our website for VIP Membership on your website. That is welcome.
  3. You must contact Nullmaster to discuss this in more detail.
  4. Send me a private message.

Rules are subject to change without notice, it is up to you as the user to keep up with them.

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