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[BS] Paid Content 1.3.1

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[BS] Paid Content 1.3.1

With this add-on, you will be able to monetize your forum which has unique content.
It works very simply: you need to put the content that you want to hide (download link, important information, match prediction, etc.) under the HIDDEN tag, set the price and get paid for every view of your content. Thus, you can hide not only text, but also attachments, for which there is a button on each attachment (Note: previews of images that have been hidden in this way will still be available).

Thread view.png

The add-on also provides for the existence of a paid upgrade, by purchasing which the user will be able to view all paid content on the forum (or content in certain forums). You can also set permissions (view paid content, create threads with paid content, purchase paid content) for each forum, member, group, etc.


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